Editorial Policy

I hope with this blog to foster a “marketplace of ideas” focused on the key controversies that motivate contemporary political theory, with an emphasis on those issues of particular salience to libertarians. It would be useful for readers to review the link “Natural Rights Libertarianism” before commenting on posts. I intend to publish, on roughly a monthly basis, some brief thoughts on a particular topic, and invite your comments. I will moderate the ensuing discussion and add additional remarks as appropriate.

I welcome participation by all persons, without regard to their philosophical/political beliefs. I will gladly consider suggestions for blog topics, as well as well-written, interesting guest posts. I claim no monopoly on the truth, and hope though this experience to learn as much as I teach.

My editorial policy is clear and simple. All points of view are welcome, and may be expressed passionately and with conviction. However, civility must be maintained, and name-calling, inappropriate language and ad hominem attacks will not be tolerated. Comments violating this policy will be swiftly deleted, and their originators blocked from the site.

Visitors to this site are welcome to quote passages from my posts consistent with the principle of “fair use.” However, please respect my intellectual property rights to this material and do not simply copy it on other sites without my express consent.