This site is devoted to advancing the rights-based political philosophy first articulated by John Locke and championed prominently in our day by the late Robert Nozick in his classic Anarchy, State, and Utopia [1974].  It will do so by explaining minimal state libertarianism in a way that is accessible to the intelligent general reader and by hosting a forum that will subject its key ideas to scrutiny and debate.

I make my own modest contribution to this cause in my book, Nozick’s Libertarian Project: An Elaboration and Defense (London: Continuum International, 2011). My second book on this subject, Libertarian Philosophy in the Real World: The Politics of Natural Rights, was published by Bloomsbury Academic in 2015. For additional information about libertarianism, this site, my books, and your host, please follow the links to the left.

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Further Thoughts on the Minimum Wage

As a presidential candidate, Joe Biden campaigned for a national minimum wage of $15 per hour to replace the currently moribund floor of $7.25. President-elect Biden has recently doubled down. With the Democrats also now controlling both houses of Congress, this may become law, subject to the whims of just a few key senators, such as Joe Manchin of West Virginia.  

   If there were a Hall of Fame for truly awful economic ideas, the minimum wage would be a charter member. As I have previously argued, it is clearly rights-violating in that it, in Nozick’s memorable words, “prohibits capitalist acts between consenting adults.” Moreover, to the extent that utilitarianism can yield determinate results, it flunks even under this standard, as it harms the most vulnerable members of society to benefit the better off.

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My 15 Minutes of Fame

It’s nice to be reminded that not all of our young people have gone over to the Woke Side. I was recently interviewed at some length about my book Libertarian Philosophy in the Real World by Isadore Johnson, a junior at the University of Connecticut. Izzy is the co-founder of UConn’s chapter of Young Americans For Liberty, and is a local coordinator for Students for Liberty. My interview is the first of a series of podcasts he is planning with libertarian writers and public figures, which will be available through his college radio station, Spotify, and other venues. Izzy did his research, and conducted our discussion in a thoroughly competent and professional manner. I wish him success with his venture, and am proud to have inaugurated it.