This site is devoted to advancing the rights-based political philosophy first articulated by John Locke and championed prominently in our day by the late Robert Nozick in his classic Anarchy, State, and Utopia [1974].  It will do so by explaining minimal state libertarianism in a way that is accessible to the intelligent general reader and by hosting a forum that will subject its key ideas to scrutiny and debate.

I make my own modest contribution to this cause in my book, Nozick’s Libertarian Project: An Elaboration and Defense (London: Continuum International, 2011). My second book on this subject, Libertarian Philosophy in the Real World: The Politics of Natural Rights, was just published by Bloomsbury Academic. For additional information about libertarianism, this site, my books, and your host, please follow the links to the left.

New on the Blog

Give Me Free Market Bathrooms!

The most intense battle currently being fought in our ongoing culture war is the use of public rest rooms by transgender individuals. Various states have recently enacted or are considering laws requiring people to use only bathrooms that correspond to their biological sex. I argue here that there are striking parallels with our ill-advised anti-smoking laws, as in both instances there are large groups asserting incompatible, rights-based claims. And, in both matters the state has imposed its judgment rather than leave it to the marketplace to sort out. Continue Reading »

How the Welfare State Promotes Terrorism

In the aftermath of the recent Belgium terrorist attack, which followed upon even more horrific Islamist violence in Paris, there have come the inevitable media finger-pointing, second-guessing, and obligatory warnings against blaming innocent Muslims. Also heard is self-congratulatory chatter about how America’s Muslim immigrants are much better integrated into our society than their European counterparts. Few have had anything perceptive to say regarding why our “home grown” terrorism is far more muted than Belgium’s or France’s. Continue Reading »